MCE Profile


The Muthayammal College of Engineering (MCE), aspires to establish a system of Quality Assurance which would on a continuous basis evaluate and monitor the quality of education and training being imparted at the Institute, improve the teaching-learning process and ultimately, develop the institute as a Centre of Excellence.MCE came into origin in the year 2011 and remain governed by the policies established with the sponsorship covered and managed by MUTHAYAMMALEDUCATIONAL TRUST and RESEARCH FOUNDATION.

This institute cherishes the multi-cultural diversity of our students, faculty and staff and remain committed to creating and nurturing a campus environment that empowers all individuals and recognize cultural differences in background, experience, and national origin and seek to promote the common bonds of humanity that cross the boundaries of cultural difference.

Our founder Sri R.KANDASAMY, a well-known industrialist born in an agricultural family who rose in life by his hard work, dedication and total commitment. At a young age, he was instrumental in establishing medium scale industries that generated livelihood to several hundreds of un-employed people. This college catering to rural community and providing technical education in both conventional and high standard disciplines of engineering with complete state-of-the-art facilities.

Prof.K.GUNASEKARAN, Secretary of this trust, equipped with more than 30 years of experience in the field of technical education and administration. With a single minded focus and determination, he is guiding through a stream of challenges and incorporating the best of technical and technology based academics. His inspiring guidance and leadership help to achieve heights of excellence that nurtured successful technical brains.


Our motto is to maintain and provide equal opportunities in its programs, activities, admissions and employment that aims at providing technical education in order to uplift the rural community.

Cells and Clubs

In order to keep up to date and touch with the latest in trends and abreast of the happenings in the technical world, we possess various cells and clubs in this campus. All these keep the college campus a role model with various academic and technical activities. They are listed below:


• Research and Development cell
• Continuing Education cell
• Counseling cell
• Entrepreneurship Development cell
• Faculty Development cell
• Industry Institute partnership cell
• Placement cell


• Electronics club
• English Language club
• Science Forum
• Sri Ramanujam Mathematics club
• Renewable Energy club
• Tamil Mandram

Faculty strength

Our faculty is an active force in the field of engineering and technology, providing top-notch academics, community outreach and innovative research locally, nationally and internationally towards sustainable development. The achievements of our faculty, in turn, ensure our college continues to flourish as a world-class learning institution by providing the highest-quality academics, fostering student development and synergizing knowledge, practice and outstanding scholarly research in order to meet the global requirements. The institute has a strong faculty pool with 9 PhD-holders in various disciplines.