Science and Humanities


The Department of Science and Humanities was established in the year 2011 with the aim of providing an excellent knowledge platform to support and invent the new design culture in science and Engineering. To ignite the young minds with practical knowledge and theoretical science, the department is committed to the attainment of excellence in all its scholastic and scientific endeavors and lays a lot of emphasis on the manner in which it interacts with its students and the community at large.

It has highly qualified faculty members engaged in teaching and research with the aim of achieving excellence in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. It is committed to the cause of quality education in science and humanities which forms the basis for all the Engineering fields.


Our vision is towards the establishment of scientific center of excellence through the implementation of the teaching and learning process.


I. To enhance the science knowledge and to apply the common principles in the field of Engineering and Technology.

II. To impart continuous improvement of the quality of teaching with the development of an innovative new curriculum.

III. To encourage the development of personal skills among the students by inducing them to participate in the curriculum outside the campus.

IV. To cultivate lifelong learning programs and training of teachers, particularly through continued work with students that were recognized as extremely talented.

V. The development of department is with the maximum use of technology in teaching, learning as well as with the optimal applications of new knowledge and technologies in a constantly changing environment for the present needs of the individual in the market.


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