About Us

About Us

The Department of Physical education covers an area of 3 acres which includes both Indoor and Outdoor games. The Department is equipped with good infrastructure facilities and the students were given training in most of the Sports and Games which led to remarkable achievements by our students in Anna University Zone, Inter zone, District, state and National tournament. Students get involved in the sports activities morning and evening sessions.

Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity, when the body is healthy and strong. The Department of Physical Education induces the sprit of sportsmanship in students and encourages them to participate in sports and games in order to learn Discipline, Leadership Quality, Teamwork and to lead a healthy life.

The Institution encourages the students by providing scholarships for sports students every year.

There are separate gym facilities for both Boys and Girls. Yoga and Meditation classes are also conducted for the students.

In order to encourage the students to participate in sports activities, the Physical Education Department organizes Inter College, Intramural Tournaments and various camps every year.