Centre for Research, Development & Consultancy (CRDC)


Muthayammal College of Engineering (MCE) has focused on research ever since its inception in 2011. The Institution has been taking initiatives for differentiating itself by encouraging Research and Innovation. The Centre for Research, Development & Consultancy (CRDC) was established to strengthen the research activities, enhance industry interaction and to foster industry and society relevant research. The Centre provides support and guidance to enable the Faculty, Research Scholars and Students take up research and innovative development activities relevant to the industry as well as society.

  • To Establish and Nurture Research Culture in the Campus.
  • To Engage in Collaborative Research with R& D Centres in Reputed Organizations.
  • To Develop and Establish more Research Centres.
  • To Encourage more Sponsored Research to Enhance the Research Facilities.
  • To Pursue Innovative and Emerging Research.

The prime focus of the College is in Academic Research and Sponsored Research. The faculty members engaged in research are provided the seed money by the Institution to start the research and carry out rigorous research activities. The research activities of the Faculty Members, Full Time/Part Time Research Scholars and Students have shown encouraging results in good number of Research Publications, Products and Patents.

Muthayammal Research Promotion Policy (MRPP)
Research policy is formulated to enhance the academic and industrial research activities. The faculty members, research scholars and students are encouraged to carry out the research in core areas and interdisciplinary domains.
Keeping in view of quality research, the stakeholders are expected to strictly follow the research policy of the institution.
Muthayammal Consultancy Policy (MCP)

Faculty members are encouraged to provide the consultancy to the industries and other organizations based on their requirements. The consultancy could be Individual/Institutional Consultancy.

  • Individual Consultancy is offered by a faculty member in his/her individual capacity.
  • Institutional Consultancy is offered by a team of faculty members from the same discipline or different discipline of the Institute.
  • A Consultancy work may be undertaken by the faculty members in their area of expertise.
  • Consultancy services should be undertaken only with prior permission of the Institute.
  • Consultancy should not interfere with the regular duties of the consulting faculty member or the department.
  • Consultancy services should not be in conflict with the interest of the Institute.
  • Consultant should not directly or indirectly get associated with any other activities which may be unethical or inappropriate.

In order to carry out research the following facilities are created

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
  • Compression Testing Machine (CTM)
  • Flexural Testing Machine (FTM)
  • Spectro-Photometer
  • BOD Incubator & pH Meter
  • Conductivity Meter
  • COD Apparatus
  • California Bearing Ratio(CBR)
  • Consolidation test apparatus
  • Shear Strength test apparatus
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Setup
  • Stir Casting setup
  • 3D Printer
  • Electrochemical System
  • Micro Fin experimental setup
  • CreO and ANSYS
  • Induction Motor with FPGA Controller
  • Brushless DC Motor with DSP Controller
  • Switched Reluctance Motor Drives with DSP Controller
  • Permanent Magnet Linear Oscillating Motor with Digital Controller
  • Synchronous Reluctance Machine
  • Siemens, ABB PLCs
  • Arduino Processor
  • Xilinx and Altera FPGA Boards
  • National Instrument’s Lab VIEW Kits
  • Agilent’s products such as MSO, DSO and MPLS
  • ARM Embedded Kits
  • Antenna and Microwave Equipments
  • Cloud Computing Platform
  • Data Mining and Image Processing Tools
  • Distributed Computing Setup
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Magnetic Stirrer & Mechanical Stirrer
  • Hot air oven & Hot plate
  • Bottle shaker
  • Conductivity meter & Potentiometer
  • Biosensors & Therapy Equipment
  • Mipower
  • Xilinx ISE & Xilinx VIVADO
  • MyCAD
  • Lab VIEW
  • Tanner EDA
  • Agilent VEE Pro
  • Multisim
  • Web Programming Tools
  • Matlab Software
  • R Programming Tools
  • Python Tools
  • Weka Tool
  • Pentaho Tool