The Department has a modern laboratory which possesses several sophisticated instruments to serve the teaching and research requirements of the students. Our students clearly understood the concepts of ion exchanging properties of ions present in the given solution and they know how to calculate the hardness of hard water. The Department organized National Level seminars and workshops and the faculty members periodically attended seminars and workshops.


The English Department plays a crucial role in producing Competent Engineers equipped with English language skills, which help them to emerge successful in today’s competitive scenario. The Department produces enviable results in the University Examinations. The Department has a modern Language Laboratory with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipments to aid in imparting language skills. The Laboratory is effectively utilized by students and faculty members for various self-enhancement and soft skill development activities. It has a store of software and CDs to help in this regard.
A Literary Association is functioning under the aegis of the Department. The Association conducts various competitions through which the creativity of the students is recognized and honoured. The competition includes Oratorical, Verse writing competition, Essay writing, Debates and so on. Students are encouraged to actively participate in these competitions and exhibit their talents. Such talents are appreciated by way of awarding prizes and certificates.


Department of Physics has excellent laboratory facilities for academics and Research and Development activities. The physics lab aids the students to understand the difference between theory and applications through experimental observations and comparing the inference based measurement in theory. The goal of physics laboratory includes enhancing the students to develop scientific reasoning abilities.

  • To familiarise the student with experimental apparatus and Scientific methods
  • To pursue research in physics laboratory.


Mathematics in an earlier view is the science of space and quantity, in a later view it is the science of pattern and deductive structure. Mathematics is a basic analytical tool in all engineering subjects. The department lays a strong foundation in mathematics and its applications to engineering department both at UG and PG levels. Mathematics has been designed to provide a platform for the students.

  • To develop the skills of rigorous analytic reasoning along with a set of use full problem solving skills and strategies.
  • To develop the ability to transfer the mathematical types of thinking and reasoning to real- life situations.