Networking and UNIX

Networking and UNIX laboratory equipped with centralized air conditioned and 60 Computers with the latest configuration. The laboratory Computers loaded with Free Open Source Software like, VMWare and ESXi Operating Systems includes XAMPP and Virtual Lab Programs. This laboratory includes student PCs and one instructor PC. All desktop PCs have Microsoft Windows 10 includes Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop and Media Players, and also Wired and Wireless Internet Access, Printers, Scanners and Projectors are accessible for the benefit of the students. Total area of the laboratory covers 1215 square feet.


Networking Laboratory provides an integrated educational process with the basic concepts of computer networks and acquires practical notions of protocols with emphasis on TCP/IP. It helps to comprehend the fundamental concepts of networking, learn to communicate between two desktop computers through client and server communication and to implement the different protocols. Simulator tools like Packet tracer, NS2 can be used for studying congestion control algorithms, router configuration, packet tracing, build applications using TCP sockets, UDP Sockets and to implement Remote Procedure Call.


The main objective of the Programming Laboratory is to deploy the basic concepts of algorithms and methods of computer programming. Students are able to learn how to work with different applications of MS-Office like MS-Word, MS-Excel, Power-Point and design programs involving decision structures, loops with functions. The interactive experiments will give a chance for learning and understanding the essential concepts. It enables to construct programs which enhance analyzing and problem solving skills.


The Research laboratory provides a platform to share knowledge in their field of specialization to enhance the research capabilities. It illustrates a new mechanism to improve the innovation ability of research scholars and collaborate with industry persons. It also creates new avenues by promoting quality research so that they can take on the mantle of future pioneers contributing to the growth of a nation.